Willie Thompson: Willie started working in the construction industry right out of high school, with lots of hard work he moved up the ranks quickly, operating cranes, running crews and he has worked on many of the roads you drive on today, one of Wills hobby’s was dirt track racing, that soon moved to the asphalt, he still holds track records at more than one track on the west coast, a track that he spent a lot of time on was the Roseburg Speedway, which he does hold a track record. His second hobby, to close to tell which ranks first but its either drinking great beers or shooting darts, which of course you can find at his bar in Bend, Oregon. Stop in Mel’s Sports Bar and talk racing, beer, or darts guaranteed to have a good time.

Melinda Butler: Some girls dream of fairy tales of the handsome prince and castles, not Melinda she has dreamed of owning and running a place of her own. She managed someone else place for over 12 years and watched all her hard work help so many, that when the opportunity came for her to own her own bar, you would have thought she was a school girl who was just asked to the prom from the prince. The name of the bar came from Melinda’s nick name, Mel’s, was an easy choice when they were considering names.